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Hi! My name is Libor Fousek I am a Photographer from Czech Republic.

I started at 2009 during studies at multimedia school. At first I was mainly in to the music scene shooting concerts and festivals. Thanks to this beginning I’ve met a lot of interesting people and started to do promotional pictures for bands, than proms and after a two years in 2011 I’ve startet shooting my friends weddins which I really enjoyed, even though I was working. Since then I do weddings, proms, portraits and concerts.

I also traveled a bit around the world. In 2012 did small Eurotrip thru countries of Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria and back home to Czech Republic. In 2014 I’ve got work and travel visa to New Zealand for one year, so I did some traveling and working in there a on my way home I visited Australia, Samoa and Thailand.

This year in 2017 I’ve got work and travel visa for Canada, so here I am now visiting part of my family, already working and looking around for some people and nice places to take pictures of